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  • RUFFWEAR – Approach Pack, Orange Poppy (2017), X-Small

    EFFICIENT LOAD CARRYING: The Approach Pack features a weight-forward saddlebag design that provides your dog with a comfortable method to carry the essentials for your trip. The pack’s convenient, easy-access stash pockets are perfect for often used items and the capacity is ideal for overnight adventures.
    COMFORTABLE AND DURABLE: The Approach’s streamlined design and lightweight materials and components allow for comfortable fit and long-term durability. The padded, comfortable handle offers an optimal balance point with good load dispersion for controlled and comfortable lifting (lift only as high as your dog can safely jump, as the buckles are not strength-rated for high-angle rope work).
    INTEGRATED HARNESS AND REFLECTIVE TRIM: The Approach’s integrated harness features provide for leash walking (clip in via the V-ring), lifting (via the handle), and pulling (via the tow eye). The integrated, reflective trim allows you to keep an eye on your dog, even in low-light visibility environments.

    not rated $48.71
  • RUFFWEAR – K-9 Float Coat for Dogs, Buoyant, Secure, Reflective, Red Currant, X-Large

    BUILT TO LAST: The K-9 Float Coat is constructed from time-proven, abrasion-resistant materials to instill confidence that the jacket will be able to keep your dog safe in the water for years to come. The easy-to-clip sheltered buckles keep straps firmly in place while your dog is active.
    STRATEGICALLY-PLACED CLOSED-CELL FOAM PANELS: Strategically-placed closed cell foam panels enable your dog to maintain their natural swimming position without them feeling restricted by the life jacket.
    STRONG, LOW-PROFILE HANDLE: The K-9 Float Coat features a strong, low-profile handle that is optimally positioned on the top of the life jacket towards the front of your dog’s back so that you can easily help them out of the water.

    not rated $107.37
  • RUFFWEAR – Palisades Multi-Day Backcountry Pack for Dogs, Red Currant, Large/X-Large

    Removable saddlebags for rest stops or water crossings
    The Web Master Harness frame provides load stability and weight distribution
    Collapsible hydration bottles, 2 included, each with a 1L capacity

    not rated $169.85
  • RUFFWEAR Waterproof Rain Coat for Dogs, Very Large Breeds, Size: X-Large, Alpenglow Pink, Sun Shower

    MADE FOR ADVENTURE: The Sun Shower is a weatherproof dog raincoat that’s built for the trail. Don’t let a little rain keep you and your pup inside!
    BUILT FOR NATURE: Dogs get wet. And muddy. The vest style provides full coverage to minimize wet and muddy dog cleanup. Additionally, the oversized storm collar folds up for even more protection.
    LAYER UP: The Sun Shower’s non-insulated design allows for use in warmer climates and can also be worn over insulating layers for use in colder climates.

    not rated $49.95$59.99
  • RUFFWEAR, Singletrak Dog Pack, Hiking Backpack with Hydration Bladders

    LOW-PROFILE HYDRATION PACK: The Singletrak Pack is a sleek, low-profile hydration pack featuring two collapsible water bottles that help your dog stay hydrated for the long haul. The soft-sided water bottles are BPA-free, taste-free and each has a capacity of 0.6 liters (about 20 ounces).
    COMFORTABLE, CUSTOMIZABLE FIT: The Singletrak Pack offers 5 points of adjustment that allow you to create a customized fit specifically for your dog, enabling the dog to have full range of motion. The Cloudburst Gray color of the pack material helps to reflect the heat from the sun to keep your dog cool during your adventure.
    FOAM-PADDED CHEST AND BELLY STRAPS: The pack features foam-padded chest and belly straps to ensure that your dog has a comfortable fit for short or extended periods of time wearing the pack.

    not rated $89.95