Dog Care Tips for a Healthy Summer

During the hot summer months, your dog can suffer from all sorts of season-specific problems.

To make sure you keep your dog healthy this summer, it helps to have some advice. Here are some tips to help make sure your canine friend stays safe and healthy during the hot summer months.

Dog walk1. When to Walk?
Dogs love to walk and run, and you may find it hard to resist when your dog wants to go out and play. However, sources say that you should not go for long walks or let your dog engage in strenuous activity in the daytime heat. Instead, try to confine activity to early morning or evening. If you really don’t have a choice but to take your dog out in the midday heat, bring cool water and a water dish along and make sure your dog has access to shade.

2. Taking Your Dog Along
Summer is the season for outdoor events – cookouts, fairs, festivals, and so forth. Many dog owners consider their dog to be a part of the family, and therefore they like their dogs to go everywhere with them. Dogs may really love this, but consider your dog’s safety before taking him along on your outing. Here are some things to consider:

  • Will there be access to shade?
  • If your dog gets overheated, do you have access to an air-conditioned room or vehicle?
  • Check to see what the high temperature is predicted for that day, and whether or not it’s supposed to be sunny or cloudy.
  • Does your dog like crowds, or does she find them exhausting?
  • Will there be loud noises like fireworks or loud rides/machines? Do these stress your dog?

3. Water Fun – Drinking and Swimming
Keeping water on hand is not always hard; keeping it cool can be challenging, however. The best course of action is probably an insulated backpack or cooler. Keep your dog’s drink as cool as your own, and take along a portable water bowl.

As for fun in the water, many dogs love to swim, but many don’t. To keep your pet healthy and safe this summer, help him or her┬ánavigate water in a safe environment. A life jacket for your dog is a good idea on a boating trip. Be aware of parasites and other potentially dangerous life forms in the water.

4. Fleas, Ticks, and Parasites
These days, most vets insist that you give your dog heartworm preventative year-round. So your monthly heartworm pill regimen won’t change during summer. However, other parasites and pests can afflict your dog. Flea and tick preventative should be applied as often as the manufacturer or your vet recommends, and use a flea comb to check your dog for ticks after an outing.

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